What is sponsoring a rope?

Become a sponsor of a rope mussel Gran Reserva and experience the entire propagation and production process up close.

This pioneering Delta initiative gives you the opportunity of eating and enjoying your own mussels. We will select the rope and personalize it for you. Enjoy, savour and share with family and friends, select mussels from the Ebro Delta.

3 reasons to sponsor a string:

1- Mussels Gran Reserva: They can only be enjoyed through this initiative.

2- Selection of the best strings: The Musclarium technical director has chosen the best strings that will farm your mussels for 9 months.

3- Personal treatment. The Musclarium team will oversee the entire process of production and propagation, and keep you up to date with photos and notifications by email. Once farmed and purified they will be sent to your home.

These are your mussels!


100 euros per rope (approx 25kg.)