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The Delta del Ebro

The Ebro Delta, covering 320 km2, is the largest aquatic habitat in Catalonia and has a rich diversity of environments. River, sea, bays, beaches, dunes, riparian forest, coastal lagoons, river islands and marshes make up its natural landscape, and together with the rice fields, it is home to a wide variety of fauna (birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates...) which have adapted to the different habitats.

This biological wealth contrasts with the profound human presence. In order to strike a balance between the natural environment and its exploitation by the population, the Catalan government established the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro (7,802 ha) in 1983, at the request of its inhabitants.

Park Activities:

  • Discovering the flora and fauna.
  • Enjoying the unique landscapes of the Ebro Delta.
  • A wealth of scenery for artistic photography.
  • Endless activities related to the sea.
  • Hiking trails and bike paths that run throughout the Natural Park.

The Park and natural areas are privileged places to practise sports and outdoor activities. Showing off the most beautiful parts of our country is a privilege, whether we are talking about ecotourism, sports activities or nature tourism. The management teams of the natural park realize that visitors can enjoy their free time getting to know nature, to appreciate it and its heritage.